The real problem is “Awareness” even if there is a solution

The issue in India is lack of awareness regarding menstrual hygiene management among females even if there is variety of solutions to the problems.

Some facts about menstrual hygiene issues in India…

  1. India receives approximately 12.3 billion sanitary pads every year which is approximately 113000 Tons of sanitary waste harming the nature.
  2. During CoVid19 lockdown, there are millions of girls in schools and women in rural areas faced shortage of sanitary pads.
  3. Sanitary pads have several health disadvantages for women which are proved by various international research agencies.
  4. Each sanitary pad takes approximately more than 500 years to decompose if left open in nature.
  5. In India there are around 35.5 billion menstruating females out of which approximately only 20% uses sanitary pads due to lack of awareness or affordability.
  6. Cost of menstruation in India (i.e. cost of sanitary pads considering average cost per pad @5/- per piece) is approximately INR 426 Billion, which is considering only if 20% of the menstruating females uses Pads.

Need to shift the focus! With an eco-friendly alternative to save nature and empower females with better health practice.

Understanding about the menstruation issues and sanitary waste which is harming the nature, there is a urgent need to shift the focus on eco-friendly alternative of Pads or Tampons. There are thousands of NGO’s / social groups working for creating the awareness across India, but due to the size of female population in the country and demographics it is difficult to solve the problem in short period of time. There are also lot of government initiative by central and state government departments to support the 80% of female population in rural areas and tribal areas by giving FREE sanitary pads and creating awareness about better menstrual hygiene practice.

Now to support these government initiatives for creating better menstrual hygiene practice and taking 1 step ahead, Mr. Jigar K. Parekh – CEO & Co-founder along with Mrs Nikita Gala Parekh – CFO & Co-founder of Abcd Multiventures – Mumbai have initiated with “Lyvefresh ANANDA” – a series of FREE workshops / training program on menstrual hygiene management and sanitary waste management. This free program will be conducted at various places like corporate / social groups / government departments (like railway / police / municipal corporations / etc.) / schools / rural and tribal areas / etc. As on date, Mumbai Police, Railway Police (Mumbai) has already extended their support for organizing the training program for their respective staff. There are also few NGO’s and social groups who have supported this noble cause by helping in organizing this program at rural areas / slums among their network.

These training programs will mainly focus on training regarding how you can save the nature from sanitary waste? What is the importance of menstrual hygiene?, Why stop using pads or tampons? What are the health disadvantages of using disposable pads?, Why to use menstrual cup (an eco-friendly alternative)?, What are the life changing benefits of using menstrual cup?, How to use and care your menstrual cup?, etc.