You can partner with us by not only becoming our donor but also providing your space or time.

Become our digital donation partner

If you are looking to support our social initiative then you can support us by providing your time or space rather than money. You can place Donation Collection QR code at your retail counter and offer your customers an opportunity to donate. Connect with us to know more.

Become our training partner

Doctors from any field can become our training partners

Psychologist can become our training partners.

Motivational speakers can also become our training partners.

Teachers from any field can also become our training partners.

Monthly installment partner

If you are a company you can advise your employees for a monthly donation of Rs. 100/- from their salary to be donated for a social cause.

Or you can donate minimum of Rs. 1000/- as a company per month and get Tax benefits.

If you are an Individual if you are an individual then also you can spare as low as Rs. 50/- per month to support the social cause.

Activity Partner

If you are an agency or an event management company having expertise to organize and manage any fund generation event then you can partner with us to create a fund raising event which can be an entertainment event or a sports event.